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  • WALKING BACKWARDS… British Army Northern Ireland 1977.................................

    When I returned from Ireland I often demonstrated my walking backward skills around town whilst out with my girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, she walked the other way, thinking I was some sort of nutter.


    From my book “The Unnamed Soldiers”

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  • The New Military Humour joke book

    So, what is the book about? Well, anything goes really, twenty six chapters named after the phonetic alphabet. Anything could be within these chap...
  • WALKING BACKWARDS... British Army Northern Ireland 1977

    This book is all about things I witnessed and what happened to me during the 14 years I spent in the army, like they say you can’t take them with you but in some of these stories you definitely can!
    Some stories may seem a bit far fetched, shocking, stupid, or too disgusting to have happened, but I can assure you they could and did happen as those present at the time of the incidents could testify if they wished to be identified. 
    I’m sure everyone I served with has a few “Pull up a sand bag stories” in their locker, the ones you come out with down the pub with some of your mates, looking back now they were some of the best years of my life and some of the worst. The book is called the Unnamed Soldiers for a reason, it would be unfair to mention names and to be honest I can’t remember half of them, anyway here goes I hope you enjoy the book and it brings back some of your memories.
  • One F!##*&%g sausage, Wolfgang!!

    Bumpers & Bed blocks is a part true part fictional portrayal of army life in the mid 70’s.
    Starting with a KAPE tour in the Midland, moving on to the daily routine of barracks life at Colchester Garrison as air portable Battalion. Then it’s off to Soltau, Germany for a 6 week, holiday, I mean exercise.
  • Trench31 by Clive Ward - Free Download - 3 days only

    Available to download today and for 3 days only on Amazon Kindle. This compelling and authentic account of life in WW1 trenches is a must for anyon...
  • NEW Release

    Close friendship and a dark sense of humour is the only thing that makes life bearable in the horror they face in the trenches. This is a journey through friendship, brotherhood, loss, joy and the tragedy of WWI. A book you just won't be able to put down.