The MH Story

We thought it was about time to share how Military Humor Stores started. 

First some Introductions. The main man, the bloke with the illustration and art skills, Clive Ward. A 15 year Veteran of 1WFR (Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters) He is an author in his own right, and many of you may have read his books. Some of you may even remember a little publication called SMUT from back in the eighties. That was Clive's brainchild. Pretty much all the artwork that we let loose in the store comes from Clive's skills as an artist and his dark humour and imagination. So, if anyone is to blame for the unique style and outstanding designs that will be him. 

Secondly, we have Mark Mason. A 5 year Veteran of the Coldstream Guards. He is the tech and ideas bloke. Coming from an IT background, that sees him suitably placed for web, social media and digital stuff, as well as throwing some design ideas at Clive to see what we can come up with. Mark also deals with Customer relations. So, if you have ever emailed us, it will be him replying at all hours of the day and night. 

We also have an amazing support team who work really hard in promoting our brand. They are:

Elaine Ward, that'll be Clive's wife. Elaine looks after the "Books" and keeps us straight with the tax man. She also keeps us straight when it comes to censoring some of our designs. Being ex-Infantry, Clive and I can go abit dark at times and we aim to be as family friendly as we can, within reason. 

Daniel Ward, off spring of Clive. Another Ward on the team and this one is ex-Navy. We don't hold that against him (Often enough). Daniel runs our Etsy outlet and has done a great job in promoting and growing that arm of the business. 

Further Wards to be added in the near future 👍

So, where did it all start. Well, a few years ago now I bumped into Clive on the Forgotten Veterans UK Facebook page. Clive was promoting his books, and a page he setup Military Humor. I was tasked with approving his posts and I got chatting to him. After a while, it got me thinking, you have some amazing artwork and a great following on the Military Humor page, why don't you get some of your art on t-shirts etc. It was an idea we kicked about for a good while. Clive commented that he wouldn't know where to start, and asked if I would be interested in handling the tech side, setting up a website/store. And bang, there you have it. The idea was born. 

We started slowly, as it was quite a steep learning curve. The skills and experience were there, but making them work to one purpose was akin to eating soup with a fork at first. Slowly but surely though, we got there and to this day are still getting there. 

So there you have it, how we started Military Humor Stores. 

Check out our MH Mission page to find out what we are about, what we want to achieve and how you our Customers fit into that journey.