Military Humor - Help From Above - Sniper
Military Humor - Help From Above - Sniper
Military Humor - Help From Above - Sniper

Military Humor - Help From Above - Sniper

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We thought it was about time to celebrate the unique warrior that is the Sniper. A time honoured profession that has struck fear on the battlefield for hundreds of years. We hope we have done it justice.

In the late 1700s, British officers stationed in India would go bird hunting. The most difficult of the birds to hunt was the Snipe. Those who could successfully shoot this small, quick bird were dubbed ‘snipers’.

On the battlefield, a sniper has a number of roles:

  1. Remain undetected! Snipers must be experts in camouflage and concealment.
  2. Scout ahead of the main force to:
    1. Conduct reconnaissance;
    2. Conduct intelligence gathering;
    3. Reconnoitre potential target areas; and
    4. ‘Call in’ artillery fire, mortars and air strikes (with appropriate further training).
  3. Utilise their marksmanship skills to lethal effect against key enemy targets, for example, those in command positions such as senior officers.
  4. Conduct counter-sniper missions i.e. hunting and neutralising their counterparts in an opposing force.
  5. Support their battalion by providing over-watch/sniper cover, either during offensive operations or by guarding a base from attack.

A competent team of snipers “can have a severe psychological impact on opposing forces by killing the commander and one or two officers. This sows confusion and fear, hence senior officers describe snipers as “force multipliers” because of their disproportionate effect.”

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