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Soldiers of the Flag - US:

We have created this design specifically for our Veteran and Serving Brothers in Arms. We hope we have done the sentiment justice, and this will become a popular image amongst our US service men and women as well as the Veteran Community.

Veteran Brotherhood:
Celebrating the Veteran Brotherhood from the 4 main Allies from conflicts past and present. We hope this design helps bring that Brotherhood closer than it already is. We hope to see this design in the Countries depicted, worn with pride.
Sharpe - Bastard:
From the illustrious pages of British Army historical fiction, the infamous turn of phrase from the most famous of rankers to grace the Officers Mess of His Majesty's 95th Rifles. This design is meant for many reasons, fandom or just saying it as it is. You decide......
Engineers - Understanding them:
Sure we have often wondered what makes the Engineer tick, well this design hopefully gives you an insight in to what goes on in their minds and makes them who they are.
Landrover Fans:
This one is for the die hard fans of this magnificent and some would say historic vehicle. It has time served in the British Army. It has transported our Special Forces in the Deserts of the Middle East. It is, in fact probably the best 4 x Wheel drive ever.
Apache - Too Late.......
This iconic and well known helicopter has been in service now for some time and is in Service with many Countries across the World and has seen action in major conflicts since Panama. As with all Military Humor original designs, we have aimed at delivering a design that supporters and fans of this amazing piece of technology will be proud to wear.