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Since the back end of 2019 we here at MH Stores have been looking at ways to get our designs in front of a bigger audience. Some of you might think that the 200k strong following that we have on Facebook would be big enough. Well, think again. We strongly believe in spreading the 'Military Humor' far and wide, and thought where better to do that, than Amazon. The biggest online market place on the planet.

So, we have been making available a few designs available. Some of you may have seen them.

Click Here

Or, if you are a Landrover fan you will definately have come across this bad boy:


Click Here

Of course, all of our designs and merch will be available in the shop. We just felt that Amazon gives our Customers some different options. Not all items will be available. Just some of our best sellers. That way, those of you that are Prime Customers can make use of that service when buying from us here at MH Stores.

We also have a thriving Instagram Community that is growing at a steady pace. We are hoping to make the content on this channel more diverse, making more use of Video than we have done so far. So look out for that and please follow us:

Click Here


The more of you that follow us, the more content we can create and the funnier we can be :-)

That's all the updates for now. Rest assured there is more to follow, but we can't let the cat out of the bag too early. 

Please be sure to share this, tell your friends about Military Humor Stores. Help us make this the biggest Military Humor group in the World. 

Thanks for reading 👍



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